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English Wikipedia Has Over 6 Million Articles and Each Month Over 2 Billion Unique Visitors Read Wikipedia. With Such Huge Readership and Authority, Wikipedia Is One The Best Options To Attract More Attention to Your Business While Earning Unmatched Credibility.

But, Wikipedia Allows Articles To be Created Only On Notable Subjects. The Criteria of Notability is a Metric Used by Wikipedia to Decide If Any Given Topic is Wiki-Worthy. We at Wikioo Provide Bespoke Consultancy On Feasibility Analysis Regarding "Notability" of A Subject Before We Accept Any Wikipedia New Page Creation Project.  



Wikipedia being a highly authoritative site, your business or online identity when featured in Wikipedia receives a significant credibility boost. 

Core Services Offered By Wikioo

New Wikipedia page creation 

Service Related to Creation of New Wikipedia Pages and Articles From Scratch by Our Professional Wiki Editors 

Wikipedia Page Editing Service

Editing Services By Our Specialist Wikipedia Professionals For Executing Smooth Edit of Wikipedia Pages

Wikipedia Page Maintenanve Service

Maintenance of Either an Existing Page of a Newly Created Wikipedia Article is Taken Care by Our Wikipedia Specialists

wikipedia Page Update service

Updating Outdated Wikipedia Pages With Recent Information and Events are Done By Our Highly Skilled Wikipedi Editors 


Wikipedia - How You Can Get Most Out of It?

Wikipedia, being an encyclopedia by its nature, has some governing rules, policies and guidelines by which it determines what it will allow and what it will not in its compendium. The process that enforces these guidelines are in fact much robust and convoluted than any other typical encyclopedia as Wikipedia lacks any central editorial board. Instead, Wikipedia relies on its 'community of editors' when it comes to the question whether a certain topic should be included in form of an article.


It may sound a bit complex and unfortunately it is indeed a bit complex, that how Wikipedia decides about inclusion of a topic. In fact, a similar process is applicable when an edit is to be made to an existing article. In short you can consider that any kind of alteration that you would want to make in Wikipedia, should be vetted by the 'community of editors' and at the change should abide by Wikipedia's guidelines and rules. Basically the process of vetting by the community of wiki-editors is to ensure that the policies are getting adhered properly.

More on Wikipedia's Community of Editors

As the name suggests, Wikipedia's community of editors are a huge pool of editors who actively work on Wikipedia and ensures that this massive encyclopedia works smoothly. In fact the Wikimedia Foundation, which is the organization that backs Wikipedia, have no direct control on the content of Wikipedia. Hope you can estimate the power that has been vested on this community of editors. 

But you may ask, who are these editors and why they enjoy such privilege? The question is pertinent but as you can guess, there are reasons why Wikipedia works in this way. Basically, every decision in Wikipedia for example a New Wikipedia Article Creation, A New Edit on an Existing Wikipedia Page, An Image insertion in an existing Wikipedia Page, Discussion About Deletion of an Existing Wikipedia Articles (also known as AfD or Article for Deletion) - name anything, all of such decisions are taken on the basis of Wikipedia's 'community consensus'. This consensus is something you can think of as a result of active deliberation and lobbying of multiple Wikipedia Editors. 

Wikipedia Administrators - Who They Are?

You may have heard about different functionaries within Wikipedia Editors community like Wikipedia Administrators and Wikipedia moderators and possibly have thought that Wikipedia works in a hierarchical model where these administrators or moderators decide everything, but such an impression would be entirely wrong. Of course these Wikipedia admins have a great contribution in Wikipedia Project, but they don't enjoy unquestionable privilege. The responsibility of upholding Wikipedia's several policies have been entrusted on the community of Wikipedia editors as a whole. But, Wikipedia administrators are typically chosen amongst the most experienced and most contributive Wikipedia editors and for this very reason, they happen to be very much conversant with the nitty gritty of Wikipedia. Wikipedia Admins almost always carry out different administrative decisions on daily basis tirelessly. 

Wikipedia Can be Edited by Anyone - Why Hire a Wiki Specialist Then?

There couldn't be a more pertinent question that this one. But the answer is easy to anticipate. Just imagine that given the situation where anyone can edit Wikipedia and anyone can submit a new article for creation, how Wikipedia ensures the high level of accuracy of the information that its articles contain? How Wikipedia has been consistently perceived as one of the most reliable resources of public knowledge? We need to than the community of active editors who keeps on working across the globe to keep Wikipedia safe from vandalism and ensures that Wikipedia's content policies are met. 

Now, the fact is, where Wikipedia allows anyone to edit, but in almost all cases, the edits by a novice editor are not accepted as all the edits in Wikipedia passes through the moderation of its community of editors and get rejected as most people fail to comply Wikipedia's policies just because they don't have the knowledge and experience about these Wikipedia policies. It is really a daunting task to become an expert in the Wikipedia policies unless someone devotes many years while working as the part of the community of the editors.  Here is where a professional Wikipedia page creation service provider like us can help you. 

Well, Why Wikioo Then?

Excellent question! The most vital reason for which you should leave the Wikipedia related jobs in the safe hands of professionals like us is that in Wikipedia, once you do something it remains there forever. Even if an edit or a certain Wiki article get removed or reverted, it actually get removed from the public visibility. Every change in Wikipedia is logged and can be viewed by the community of Editors. Such being the case, we have seen more than 95% cases, when someone not much familiar with Wikipedia policies tries to create a new article in Wikipedia or tries to make an edit in an existing Wikipedia article, they violate Wikipedia rules unknowingly. This happens almost all the time primarily because it becomes a daunting task to get a hold on Wikipedia policies in a short period of time. And once a violation takes place in respect to some Wikipedia entry or Wikipedia article or Wikipedia edit, that get logged and this eventually will make the task of getting the work i.e. the concerned task of creating Wikipedia page or getting a Wikipedia edit done difficult. Often this leads to the damage in the reputation of the concerned subject within the Wikipedia community which is irreparable and will pose as a future impediment for further attempts. 

We at Wikioo, are working in collaboration with more than 100 experienced Wikipedia editors and a panel of revered Wikipedia administrators. While all our services are provided through trusted and professional Wikipedia editors who are bests of the best, we often provide bespoke Wikipedia consultation service which involves inputs and suggestions from the panel of Wikipedia administrators. While having the envious pool of experienced and Professional Wikipedia Writers and Wikipedia Specialists, we are are literally the best Wikipedia editors to hire whom you can trust. 


One of our core working principles is to work in complete transparency with our client. We never promise something impossible or claim to achieve something which is not allowed in terms of Wikipedia rules and policies. This is not only to protect the interest of Wikipedia, but also to keep our clients and prospective clients saved from risky moves. 

Ok, How Much Do You Charge For a New Wikipedia Article Creation?

We have a rate chart for different kind of Wikipedia works. You can refer to our services page to know about the services we provide. We charge reasonably while providing highest quality services and we are continuing to do so with our unparallelly skilled Wikipedia professionals and specialists. If you want to know more about the cost for creating a new Wikipedia page, don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail or initiate a live chat or submit your query using the contact form.


As per Wikipedia's policy, standalone pages can be created only for notable subjects. A subject can be a business entity, a public figure, a politician, an artist, a non-profit organization etc.


Determining Notability Is A Complex Thing And Demands For Expertise. In This Guide, A Schematic Heuristics Is Provided.

As per Wikipedia's policy, standalone pages can be created only for notable subjects. A subject can be a business entity, a public figure, a politician, an artist, a non-profit organization etc.


Determining Notability Is A Complex Thing And Demands For Expertise. In This Guide, A Schematic Heuristics Is Provided.

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Search on different search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex etc. to see your or your organization's digital presence. It is not mandatory that the references should always be found online. But online references are easy to verify and validate by anyone thus is preferred over offline ones.

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Look for the authoritative sites that refer you or your organization. Be mindful that it's not that any kind of reference will work. Only credible news sites, magazines, books, journals etc. having international or national reputation are considered as reliable sources by Wikipedia.

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Analyze the kind of coverage the references found in step 2 provide to your organization. We need coverages that discuss the subject significantly, not trivially. This metrics of significant coverage is what constitutes the index of Notoriety of any subject in a reference

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Now count how many reputed references are there that covers you or your organization significantly. We need a good number of such references to qualify. Also, we need to remember as said in step 1, offline sources are acceptable, but that should be publicly verifiable.

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If you have a good number of references in hand as per the instructions of step 4, then there is a good chance that you are notable in the eye of Wikipedia. Hence, possibly a page can be created about you. Contact us for a free consultancy on your Wiki Notability today.



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